Redlands Office

1969 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, CA
Daniel Gorenberg MD

The Redlands Practice was founded in 1961 in San Bernardino, CA, by Daniel Gorenberg MD. He trained in Allergy at the VA Hospital Long Beach and was the first allergist in the San Bernardino area. He was also the last allergist in the country to create his own extracts from pollen mite, or danders, in his office. An expert in the allergenic plants of the Inland Empire, he practiced for 50 years and then gave the practice to his son, Alan E Gorenberg MD when he retired in 2011. He continues to live with his wife Louise Gorenberg in San Bernardino. In 2013, the practice was moved to this beautiful location in Redlands. Redlands is an historic college town and is a “gem” of inland southern California.